Great success at TWS this week. Our Under 15 Girls had a resounding success at the Area Football Trials and are now Area Champions. Well done girls. 'Cantabile' performed at the Wensleydale Tournament of Song this morning and despite being the first category and first on, performed beautifully and were awarded Distinction. Further praise for Alana Teasdale as she was selected by the judges to represent the area in a regional competition later this year.

Summer seems to almost be upon us and as we finish all the PR2 tests, I'm sure all students are sighing with relief. No such luxury for Yrs 11 and 13 though as exams are also soon upon us. There are a number of overseas trips taking place during the next few months, first off is Sicily on Tuesday evening. 35  students are preparing to see a real live volcano- in action as it happens- as well as experiencing the sights and sounds of Italy. Ms Huitson and her team are fully briefed, risk assessed and ready for action. I do applaud all the staff who give so freely of their time, without them overseas trips would just not be possible.

Next week I have the chance to visit Le Cateau Primary at Catterick garrison and will be locking myself and Mr Wilkinson away with the 2017-18 timetable!