It is rare for me to feel the need to publicly vent my frustration, but I do believe today is the day. After a very productive week working with some amazing students, who are so committed to getting things right, I am still wrestling with the difficult job of balancing the books. I spotted an article in the on-line Times Educational Supplement this week, which has left my blood boiling.....


'Number of schools in deficit has doubled in a year, poll shows

Nearly three-quarters of school leaders believe their budgets will be “unsustainable” by 2019, according to a survey of headteachers.

The poll of 1,102 school leaders reveals 18 per cent of schools are in deficit, up from 8 per cent last year.

More than two-thirds (71 per cent) of school leaders say they are only able to balance their budgets by making cuts or dipping into reserves.

Nearly three-quarters (72 per cent) also say their budgets would be unsustainable by 2019.

The survey reveals that 85 per cent of respondents are having to reduce investment in equipment....'

If these figures are correct, it seems I am not the only Headteacher losing sleep about how to make continued improvements to our students education, buildings and equipment with a smaller and smaller amount of money. Surely someone, somewhere in the 'powers that be' realize that it costs money to make continuous improvements

On a more positive note, yr 11s happily walked down to The Old School House on Tuesday for an intensive Maths masterclass, delivered by Mr Ashcroft. We have used this venue several times this year and it is amazing what a change of scene can do for reinvigorating learning. 4 more students have been selected to represent our area at U13 and U15 Cricket, congratulations to Archie and Harry Hill, Jonathan and Joseph O'Keefe. We also finalized plans for Year 6 transition days, and have an exciting couple of days planned for our new students.

If I can just get the budget sorted.....