On June 8th 2017, The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form held a mock general election. All students in the school were able to vote for their preferred candidate representing the Richmond (Yorks) constituency. We had voting booths, ballot papers, a ballot box and our y7 maths students were even conducting an exit poll! In the afternoon, the votes were counted and presented to the students in a special whole school assembly. The voter turnout was nearly 90%, way in excess of the 66% national average back in 2015, and the exit poll conducted by the y7 maths students predicted a strong performance by the conservatives. The exit poll was in fact very accurate... a conservative win!  Labour came second, Liberal Democrats came third, the Greens came fourth and the Yorkshire party came fifth.  


It is likely that the majority of our current students will be eligible to vote in the next general election and we hope that by involving them in this mock election they will have a greater understanding of what goes on and will be more likely to vote themselves.