This week we held our own election, as students had the opportunity to vote for the Richmond candidates in our Mock election. Volunteer students from KS 3 performed the duties of polling station staff and ensured fair play as staff and student cast their votes. Yr 7 Maths students conducted an exit poll, which was scarily accurate and finally more volunteers counted and recounted the votes. The whole day was very exciting and students commented that they understood much more about the UK election process. However, waking up to the news this morning one baffled year 7 student said to me 'To be honest I'm a bit confused now though Miss'. Probably sums up how the whole nation feels!

Rehearsals are in full swing for concert to be held at school on 30th June at 7.30pm. Elizabeth and Neil Lobley, together with The Dales Community Pop Choir have very kindly have decided to donate any proceeds to the school's music department, tickets are available from Lobley's Pet Shop in town and Milners, priced at £6, we look forward to a musical extravaganza.

Maths GCSE paper 2 was a tough one yesterday, but once again the resilience of our students is amazing. Without a single exception, they all tried and checked and double checked answers and gave it their very best. A well deserved afternoon off seemed to go down a treat. Year 13s seem to be coping just as well, although of course they are feeling immense pressure. 3 more weeks......then we look forward to focusing on our new Yr6 students.