Update from the Headteacher

6th November 2020

Since we moved into the 2nd Lockdown, I have made some very minor amendments to the main Risk Assessment and created 2 new ones that specifically cover Muisc/Drama and PE. The main change is that we are asking students and staff to wear face masks in corridors, communal areas and mixed bubble groups. This is no longer optional.
The return of school meals this week has been mostly well received. There are a few issues with ordering and we are working on a better system, so that parents have more control, as some students have been ordering meals, whilst their parents are unaware. We are looking at reducing the plastic waste that is being created by the meals including bottled water. So Dolce will be including a fruit juice next week, however it is important that students bring enough water/squash for the whole day.
There are inevitably some students and families who are isolating. Work for isolating students is posted at the end of each school day on Google classroom. Therefore if students are working from home, they will be a day behind their usual timetable. The system us not perfect, yet, but the vast majority of teaching staff are managing to upload lesson material daily. Please do not listen to your child if they day they have nothing to do!. The work is clearly labelled but does not sit as assignments or on a ‘to do ‘ list.
We are also looking to start some additional catch up tutoring over the next couple of weeks. Students will be identified by teaching staff and we are using the National tutoring Programme providers to try and work out how best to use the service. The tutoring would be for 1 hr per week in English, Maths and/or Science for a block of 15 sessions. Parents will be informed if your child would benefit from additional tutoring and when and how it will be delivered. It will be based in school, during the school day, but funding is limited and we have to ensure it is used for those who really need it.
Finally, I have been researching charitable funding streams and there is a good deal of money available for schools to bid for, for a variety of projects. As Headteacher I can do all of the paperwork and bid writing, but unfortunately I cannot access most of the funds, as it has to be requested from a charitable Parent Teacher Association group. Some very kind parents have agreed to become part of a nominal PTA, so we can at least start accessing some of these funds, but if you would interested in joining the group please do let me know. I currently have a bid in for funds to replace the MUGA.
The Post 16 Open evening has been postponed until the New Year. Our Post-16 is very different to other providers and we want to be able to demonstrate our strengths at a live event . However, we are making a promo video and will be talking toYear11s individually, but the Open evening will now take place in January 2021- Covid allowing.
As we enter the first weekend of the new lockdown, please take care and stay safe.
We will continue to support and look after your children in as safe as environment as possible.