Update from the Headteacher

13th November 2020

An exceptionally challenging week.
There is no doubt that Covid-19 is really starting to bite across our community. I had to make the difficult decision to return Year 7 and 8 to home schooling for 2 days this week, this was purely down to staffing capacity. I am trying to protect KS4 and 5 as far as possible, as the government is still insisting that GCSE and A levels will go ahead this year. I fully appreciate that Year 7 and 8 have already lost a lot of face to face teaching, but I am confident that we have ironed out a lot of issues with goggle classroom and the vast majority of students will get all the lessons delivered as expected. I am currently online with my Year 8 Biology students heling them with the work I have set.
It is obviously far from ideal.
The Police have been in contact with all schools in North Yorkshire to remind students that they must not congregate after school in parks or other spaces, whilst we are in lockdown. I feel that our community is adhering to all the restrictions in place, but please do remind your children.
We have reviewed all our procedures in school, to continue to limit interaction as a staff body. There are no meetings face to face, all are virtual. We have reminded staff to try and maintain a 2m distance whilst teaching, this is a big challenge for us. As teachers we naturally want to advise and help students and it is very frustrating to stay away from students who need guidance. I have asked staff to make sure if they have to get closer they limit the time to under a minute and wear face mask as all times. This is in line with the Test and Trace instructions provided by Public Health England.
We have staff returning from self isolation on Tuesday, so all being well, we are back to having the staff necessary to cover all classes. We still will have 4 teaching staff and 3 support staff off until 27 November.
On a positive note our Head girl- Lydia Allison gave a cracking interview on Monday morning on Breakfast with Georgie on BBC Radio York. Worth a listen about 2hrs 8 minutes in:https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08wklx2
The Senior Student Leadership team arranged for all students to make their own paper poppies in tutor time on Wednesday and Mr Ashcroft used his drone to take photo of us all. -Attached. Useful socially distanced Fire Drill practise at the same time.
Finally, we resurrected an old tradition as the CCF paraded on Wednesday. Some grandparents may remember that our school had a cadet force many years ago. https://t.co/csBvdHLxmF?amp=1

As ever I thank you for your patience and support.
Stay safe