COVID Testing Arrangements for week March 8th

2nd March 2021

For all tests, please remember to bring in your consent form.

Driving in for your Covid test

  1. Enter the school site from Richmond Road (The Mount)
  2. Drive to the roundabout and go all the way round
  3. When marshalled to do so, drive onto the old tennis courts and keep to the left following the signs
  4. Stop at the stop marker, or join the queue of cars
  5. When marshalled to do so, student leaves the car and goes in for a test via the rear door of the gym
  6. When the test is complete the student walks out of the back of the changing rooms, down the steps and back into the car.
  7. When marshalled to do so, drive your car through the gate and turn left at the top, back round the roundabout and exit the school premises.

Walking in for your COVID test

  1. Please use the zig-zag path into school.
  2. Cross over the zebra crossing
  3. Turn left and walk to the pedestrian gate on the old tennis courts
  4. Join the queue at the back of the gym
  5. When you leave use the exit at the end of the changing room
  6. Leave the same way as you came in, keeping a careful eye out for traffic.

Click here to see the video of taking the test from entering the gym