Looking After Yourself as a Parent

30th January 2021

Parenting can be strenuous at the best of times, not least during the midst of a global pandemic! While your main focus is likely to be on looking after others at the moment, we think it is important to remind parents that looking after yourselves is equally a priority.  So, we’ve compiled three tips for staying happy and healthy as a care-giver in lockdown. 

Firstly, try to make time for yourself. Admittedly, without being able to pop round to a friend’s house or carry out your ‘normal’ daily routine be that working or otherwise, this is harder than ever. It is, however, probably even more important than ever, too. If possible, even taking half an hour to step away into another room can help; consider watching an episode of your favourite TV show or making use of your daily exercise for a breather. 

In the spirit of doing something you enjoy, it’s also great to allocate time to spend catching up with your friends. Take advantage of all the incredible technology at your disposal! Zoom quizzes, Netflix parties, online games, and, if you’re in the mood for something a bit less over-the-top, a simple Facetime, are all fantastic ways to reconnect online while staying safe at home. 

Lastly, and perhaps most crucially, remember that it’s okay to not be perfect. As cliché as it sounds, nobody is, and beating yourself up about it is merely counter-productive. Reach out if you’re struggling with your mental health and allow yourself to recognise that in order to look after child, you have to also look after yourself.

We really hope these tips are useful and look forward to being able to see you all in person in the future.