Meet our mental health nurse

20th May 2022

Wellbeing in Mind is an NHS team working in schools and colleges in parts of North Yorkshire with a focus on improving wellbeing and mental health for everyone in the school or college. Members of the team have
been working with The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form since Christmas and have provided support to teachers and pupils and have contributed resources to the school website on mental health. They deliver assemblies and most recently delivered a session to Year 11s on exam stress.

Sam Holmes has been working with us and has told us a about what he does and who he is outside of his role:

“Hi, my name is Sam and I am the Clinical Lead of the Wellbeing in Mind Team in the Hambleton and Richmond area. I have worked as a mental health nurse for the last 13 years and have enjoyed lots of different roles in that time. I have really enjoyed starting this new service in The Wensleydale School and getting to know teaching staff and students. I am really enjoying working closely with Wensleydale and I enjoy making wellbeing and mental health accessible and visible in our communities for young people. I am married with two children and in my spare time I enjoy watching them play sports and spending time together. I have a cat and a dog and thankfully they get on well and aren’t like Tom and Jerry. For my own mental health and wellbeing, I find dog walking helps me connect with nature and keep active.”

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