Surviving Christmas

12th December 2022

December can be a challenging month for people at the best of times. During the pandemic we were prevented from seeing our loved ones, which caused added stress, and now we have a cost-of-living crisis to contend with.

With this in mind, we thought we would put together a list of information, organisations and links that offer support and guidance to help everyone get through the coming weeks.

Signposting Directory

In October the Wellbeing in Mind team created its comprehensive 29-page Signposting Directory of services which covers everything from children and families to bereavement, financial support, mental health, LGBT+ services and much more. You can access it here: Signposting Directory.

The North Yorkshire Go-To

North Yorkshire County Council has teamed up with our local NHS to create The Go-To – a pool of resources produced with the help of partner organisations and young people. This fantastic website offers all kinds of support for children and young people’s social and emotional mental health.

Warm Spaces

Warm Spaces is a wonderful nationwide scheme which offers warm, safe and welcoming places for people to go, enjoy a hot drink and some company and also discuss their cost-of-living concerns. Some spaces offer free wi-fi, areas to work and do homework, Pay-It-Forward schemes and other useful resources. Warm spaces can be found in libraries, community halls and churches.

You can find out about Yorkshire’s warm spaces with links to maps and other information here: Yorkshire Warm Spaces.

Crisis help

Crisis has compiled help for Hambleton and Richmondshire with information on local foodbanks, housing issues, energy debts and more.

Find the Hambleton information here.

Find the Richmondshire information here.


Other links

Citizens Advice Bureau

Free food banks – North Yorkshire

Group Hug

Home Start Richmondshire

North Yorkshire Community Support

North Yorkshire Household Support Fund