'Why do we study all these case studies? ', Asked a frustrated Yr11 after the Geography exam ' they only asked us about washing machines!' It does seem at times that the GCSE and A level examiners are trying to catch our students out, or is it that they are stretching their knowledge and application of knowledge? The new maths GCSE has finally been revealed and as expected , it is hard. Students seem to leave the exam and head straight for Twitter to see how everyone else has got on. This is a little like in my day when many of us would be asking  'what did you write for question 2?'. Not overly helpful, as the exams are done and there is nothing that can be achieved by worrying about what you did or didn't write. Twitter has confirmed however, that maths was hard and what do washing machines have to do with Geography.!


The saddest news of course, has been from Manchester. We held our minutes silence and lowered our flag. However we will continue to plan trips and visits, taking appropriate precautions and following Home Office advice. Terrorism must never be allowed to rule our lives.

A well earned break next week. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday.