Why Business and Innovation? The vast majority of jobs can, in some way, be defined as ‘business’ jobs.

At Wensleydale we want to work as closely as possible with our local businesses and prepare our students with the skills needed to work in business so they are able to take advantage of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities at 18 and beyond.

We want our students to be the innovators of the future. To pursue their dreams with a sure knowledge of the society in which they live by studying such things as Travel & Tourism or Health & Social Care.  Choice is vital for young people, and the subjects we offer are targeted at the business world. We may not offer the same choice as other Post 16 providers. We what we do offer, however, is the opportunity to become businessmen and women of the future who have the skills to innovate and create.

The course will give students the opportunity to do a range of BTEC and CTEC Level 3 qualifications in subjects including Business, IT, Travel & Tourism, Sport, Health & Social Care together with options in Mathematical Studies, Extended Project Qualification and Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

What is really exciting is that not only will our students spend time learning in the classroom but, through our partnership with the Lower Wensleydale Business Network, we will offer each and every one of them an internship and business mentor to help them develop more practical skills.

David Poole of the Lower Wensleydale Business Network said:

“Too often we see young people leave our community because of a perceived lack of opportunity.

The establishment of The Wensleydale Sixth Form Business and Innovation Centre will open up opportunities by give our young people the skills and experience that employers are desperately looking for when they are recruiting.

In addition, it will enable our talented students to create opportunities by developing their bright ideas into small and medium sized businesses that can thrive here in the Dales. For these reasons the Lower Wensleydale Business Network is very supportive of this fantastic new initiative.”