At The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form, we aim to develop a curriculum which:

  • Creates an aspirational high achievement culture.
  • Takes into account individual needs and styles.
  • Allows everyone to experience success.
  • Raises standards of attainment.

Our curriculum is therefore based around a number of key principles:

  • Clear progress over 7 years accelerating student progress.
  • There should be depth before breadth.  Maximise learning time in all subjects.
  • Additional time is given to English and Mathematics to ensure that students have the essential skills needed for life and to access the full curriculum.
  • Targeted support and additional challenge to ensure all students make at least national rates of progress and are encouraged to achieve much higher
  • PSHEe is delivered through Life and Society in KS 3 and 4
  • To support induction into secondary school for all Year 7 students
  • Additional time is offered for sports, arts, catch-up and GCSE workshops through our extra-curricular and intervention programme