Every student in Years 7 to 11 is required to wear school uniform. High standards of appearance and dress are considered to be very important.The wearing of jewellery is NOT permitted except for one pair of studs where ears are pierced. Other visible facial or body studs are not permitted.

  • The School will determine the amount and type of make-up that qualifies as discreet in the rules below:
  • In Year 10 and 11 a discreet amount of make-up is allowed.
  • In Years 7, 8 and 9 the discreet use of cover up make-up only

Extreme hairstyles and hair colours are also unacceptable.

Uniform Direct are our school uniform providers. Uniform has to be purchased either online at The Wensleydale School at Uniform Direct or by placing a telephone order (01522 510016). Usually orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours.

  • Plain blue v-necked jumper with the school badge
  • Striped blouse or shirt
  • Black school trousers – Jeans, jeans-styled trousers, tracksuit bottoms, corduroy trousers, leggings or jeggings are not permitted.  Please see the photographs for more guidance on permissible styles of trouser.
  • Black skirts – skirts should be knee length, straight or pleated and not of a stretch material.
  • Plain black shoes – shoes should be sturdy, polishable, plain, flat black shoes in leather or similar material.  Trainers or canvas shoes are not permissible.  Lace up shoes should have black laces only.

Although there is no formal dress code for students at Post 16, they are expected to dress in a way that would be appropriate in a professional working environment. Further guidelines are issued by the Head of Post 16, before students start their courses of study.

Summer Uniform can be worn from Easter term and also into September depending on weather conditions. Winter uniform must be worn after 1st October.

Items and Prices

  • To be updated

Airflow navy/sky reversible rugby top (outdoor PE) 30” to 44”

  • £14.99

Airflow navy/sky embroidered PE top (indoor PE)

  • 30” to 32” £6.99
  • 34” to 44” £8.99

Airflow navy PE shorts

  • Junior £3.99
  • Senior £4.99

Plain sky football socks

  • All sizes £2.99

Black trousers (boys)

  • From £10.99

Black trousers (girls)

  • From £12.00

Black skirt (girls)

  • TBA

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Reversible fleece/waterproof top for PE (outdoor)

  • £14.99