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School contact details

The Wensleydale School & Sixth Form
Richmond Road
North Yorkshire

Telephone: 01969 622244

The member of staff who deals with queries from Parents/Carers or other members of the public is the School Business Manager, Mrs N Geater.  To contact her please email

Admission arrangements

We try to meet the requests of all Parents/Carers who wish to send their children to this school.

Admission from local primary schools is arranged through the Local Education Authority in conjunction with the school. Any child between the ages of 11 and 18 years who lives within the catchment area of the school is entitled to attend, provided there is room within that year group, Certain academic requirements exist for students wishing to be part of our Post 16 community.

We welcome applications from Parents/Carers of children living outside the area, though in most year groups we continue to be oversubscribed.

Exam and assessment results

Key stage 4 (KS4) results for Summer 2016

(these results are provisional and subject to change)

  • Progress 8 Score = +0.26 (Confidence interval +0.01 to +0.5) 'Above Average' Score
  • Attainment 8 Score = 53.4
  • Percentage of students achieving A*-C in English and maths = 68%
  • Percentage of students achieving Ebacc = 19%
  • Pupils staying in education or going into employment = 98%

Key stage 5 (KS5) results for Summer 2016

  • Level 3 Value Added = A Level = -0.06, Vocational = +0.58
  • Percentage of students achieving 3+ A*-E = 62.5%
  • Percentage of students achieving 2+ A*-E = 100%
  • Percentage of students achieving 2+ A*-B = 24%
  • Average point score per A level entry (new points system) = 27.39 (23.33 including AS students who left in summer 2014)
  • Average grade per A level entry = C- (D+ including AS students who left in summer 2014)
  • Achievement rate = 96%
  • Pass rate = 98%
  • Retention rate = 98% Yr12 into Yr13 Sept 2016
  • Destinations: 47% University, 29% Employment, 18% Gap Year and 6% Art College

Please click here to access our 2016-2017 Parents' Handbook.


Our Curriculum information 2016/17

Our GCSE and BTEC Courses at Key Stage 4

Art: Curriculum Map

Business Studies: Curriculum Map

Drama: Curriculum Map

Design & Technology: Curriculum Map

English: Curriculum Map

French: Curriculum Map

Geography: Curriculum Map

History: Curriculum Map

Media: Curriculum Map

Music: Curriculum Map

Physical Education: Curriculum Map

PSHEe: Curriculum Map

Religious Studies: Curriculum Map

Sciences: Curriculum Map

Spanish: Curriculum Map

Pupil premium 2016/17 - to be reviewed July 2017

The pupil premium is awarded to schools to help to challenge the underperformance and disadvantaged learners in their school. In our current education system, only one third of disadvantaged students leave school with what is described as a basic entitlement. We aim to use our Pupil Premium to ensure that our students are not one of these "typical " students.

  • We aim to ensure that they make better than the expected levels of progress.
  • We offer life experiences, which will enhance their learning and development.
  • We offer help and support to those who have difficulties with their learning, who may be vulnerable in school through emotional and complex needs.
  • We try at all times to overcome barriers which prevent students achieve their best.
  • We challenge students and encourage the highest aspirations.
  • We ensure that students are happy in school and attend well
  • We offer intervention programmes and "catch up" programmes and opportunities to narrow the gap between Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium students.

We use a range of support strategies including:

  • pastoral support and mentoring
  • referrals to outside agencies for help and support
  • TA support in class
  • modified or personalised timetables
  • close liaison with parents
  • financial assistance for uniform, trips and other school requirements
  • intervention programmes for literacy and numeracy
  • use of a laptop/ tablet
  • small groups in some classes
  • robust careers information and guidance
  • clear and accurate monitoring programme
  • varied extra-curricular and enrichment programme and opportunities to extend the curriculum.
  • a comprehensive and secure transition programme for all new starters (including Service children)

Pupil Premium Strategy

Impact of Pupil Premium

The Healthy Child Team for Richmondshire are here to provide support, advice and intervention for young people and children with their health and wellbeing. The teamconsists of Caroline Palmer who is the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN) for Richmondshire, Michele Pearson and Carol Tait are the Healthy Child Nurses and Kirsty Hugill and Kerry Storey are the team’s Assistant Practitioners; Helen Mcnaught is our screening technician. The contact details for the Healthy Child Team are: telephone: 01423 557711 or we can be contacted by email – . Please contact us if you would like any support or advice and we look forward to hearing from you.

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

Year 7 funding is spent on specific intervention programmes for Maths and English. For English, funding has been spent on Lexia software to support development of skills together with support from a dedicated literacy coordinator. For mathematics, students take diagnostic tests and where necessary they are put onto the success@arithmetic program for 10 weeks in small groups. These are led by the specialist numeracy coordinator, a post funded by the catch up premium.

Please click here for our 2016/17 SEND Report

Please click here to access our Complaints Policy and Procedure

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Values and ethos

We believe that the purpose of our school is to help all of our students achieve their dreams.

The school is a gateway to the world, preparing our young people to be highly successful citizens and all those of us who work in the school are committed to making this happen . We are part of a team that supports this process for each and every student.

We are ambitious and have the highest expectations of and for everyone who belongs to the school community. We want our students to have outstanding exam results and excellent communication and inter-personal skills. Not just one, but all three. If we achieve this, students have choice. And choice is liberating.

Our understanding of how this can be achieved is simple and the following principles guide our work:

  • We believe that all aspects of teaching and learning need to be outstanding.
  • We believe that strong, positive relationships founded on mutual respect between all stakeholders are essential. We need to get along!
  • We believe that students need to be enthused and engaged by an interesting and stimulating curriculum that prepares them for the future.
  • We believe that all assessments need to be accurate and informative. We need to know what to improve and how to improve.

All members of the school community, staff, students, parents and visitors alike are expected to adhere to the school’s 3 Key Behaviours. These reflect traditional British values and are universally important in forming and maintaining successful societies and organisations world-wide:

We are therefore:

  • Respectful
  • Positive
  • Hard-working

Requests for copies

Parents/Carers who would like a paper copy of any information on our website are asked to contact the School Business Manager, Mrs N Geater  on 01969 622244 or via email at

The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been present, witnessed or been involved in a domestic abuse incident. Each morning North Yorkshire Police will review all reported domestic abuse records. Where recorded incidents show children on roll at this school were present, or witnessed or were involved in such abuse, the Designated Safeguarding Lead in school, Mr A Wilkinson, will be contacted and the information shared. For further information about Operation Encompass, please click on this link:


Situated in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, we have a long history dating back to 1959 and we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and the welfare of our pupils.

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