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Taking good notes

Lots of things go into retaining the information that you learn about in lessons, but a major factor is the notes you take. This might be in lessons, or consolidation that you do afterwards. Either way, taking effective and useful notes not only helps you later on when you want to revisit the information (especially […]

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The Big Draw

October is The Big Draw month, where they aim to promote visual arts by giving yearly themes and asking people to create drawings based on these. This year’s theme is ‘Change Makers’ and about this, they say they want to ‘support all those positive change-makers, those seeking to affect change- those advocating for kindness to […]

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Help us by collecting Morrisons Grow Tokens

As you may know if you saw our previous blogpost ‘Help support extracurricular activities at Wensleydale School’, we’re undergoing an ambitious project to provide our students with enrichment groups and activities to support their learning outside of the classroom. If you’re a business that would like to help out, you can read about getting involved […]

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The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form is here for one reason: to help all of our students realise their dreams.

To do this, we make sure that our young people feel part of our safe and caring community and challenge them to grasp every opportunity that their education offers. They can then leave us with the strongest possible set of exam results, outstanding inter-personal skills and a real understanding about where their passions and talents lie.

These are the qualities and traits that we think are critical to a good education. They open doors for young people, and the more doors that they have open - the more choices that they have.

At Wensleydale there are tangible outcomes to show that we are setting our standards high. Ofsted has praised the work that we do. Our exam results are on a very positive trajectory and exceed the national average, and we regularly compete and excel against schools much bigger than ourselves.

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