Free creative software to get started with

15th November 2021

Lots of jobs are now very digitally based, especially with the rise of working from home. A while ago, we published a blogpost with a list of jobs you might not have heard about (read it here) and many of them were related to commuting skills. While sometimes tech jobs can seem out of reach because you might need fancy high-speed computers or expensive software, there’s actually a lot you can use and learn about for free. So, we’ve compiled a list of free software you can download if you’re interested in developing software skills – some are even available as apps on your phone if you don’t have access to a laptop or PC.

1. Canva
Canva is available both as an app and online ( If you’re interested in social media management or graphic design, it’s a great, free place to start out. It’s also super easy to get the hang of, with simple drag and drop tools and lots of fun fonts.

2. Audacity
Sound design and production aren’t always jobs people consider when they’re younger, but they can be really fun and rewarding, especially if you have an interest in music. Audacity is a free sound and music editing software that’s really similar to a the software that is professionally used in the industry, so it’s a great place to start out and learn transferable skills.

3. Blender
Blender is a free and incredibly versatile 3D modeling and animation software. If you have any desire to work with 3D elements in the future, learning this early on will be massively advantageous as it is, despite being free, used by loads of big industries.

4. Photoshop Mix
If you’re interested in photo manipulation and/or editing, Photoshop Mix is a fantastic free app that can be downloaded onto your phone. It can do a lot of things that Photoshop can do but is much simpler and, of course, free.

5. Mimo
Whilst Mimo isn’t a software you might use later in life in a working environment, it is a free and useful tool as it simplifies the process of learning to code. You can choose between three programming languages to learn (python, javascript, and HTML), and learning to code can accelerate job and further education applications if computer science is something you’re interested in. Like Photoshop Mix and Canva, Mimo can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet and is very accessible.

Of course, these are most helpful for people interested in technical and digital jobs – but if you are they’re great places to start out. Let us know if you have a go at any!