An inspirational visit to Leeds Art Gallery

24th March 2023

At the beginning of March, the GCSE art class visited Leeds Art Gallery to take part in an educational workshop. Year 10 student Connie Tinsley wrote about the experience. She said:

“The workshop allowed us to explore ourselves as artists and opened up doors for new ideas to incorporate into our GCSE coursework.

The incredible art on display in the gallery was diverse, varying from paints to sculptures and installations. Each piece was unique and through-provoking, ranging from contemporary art to art from the 19th century – a real sense of change and history was grasped.

Most art in the gallery had more to it than met the eye, and when the workshop coordinator explained this and developed on the stories behind the artworks, we were given a different way of looking at things. During the workshop, we were tasked with timed small drawings, including self-portraits, and our own interpretations of sections from art in the gallery. Everyone’s booklet was personal to them and was a physical capture of what each person took from the trip.

Overall, the trip to Leeds Art Gallery was a fantastic experience and extremely valuable to my GCSE. For me every piece of art tells a story and the art gallery extended this story of cultural and historical heritage, promoting excitement and inspiration.”