Update from the Headteacher

25th January 2024

Thank you to all parents, carers, grandparents and friends who have helped us out this morning to get everyone off site safely. A few learning points have arisen which I will address, to ensure any future emergency closures are even smoother.

I would urge all parents to make sure we have correct mobile numbers and contact details.

It is also wise to have a safety plan in place for your children, so they know where to go in the event you are not at home when we make calls like this morning. When we get weather closures, such as snow, often the county transport buses will inform us that they are coming early and we do our best to inform parents, but it is an impossible task to ring every single parent to confirm someone will be at home.

I have had the initial emergency work carried out and the company is back tomorrow to do a full flush through of all the drains in school. Thankfully they haven’t found any broken pipes and the school building has not flooded, which was my fear. However the drains have filled with silt, which has been mainly caused by the extreme rain over the last few weeks.

I appreciate that it is not an ideal situation, but the Health and Safety of everyone is my responsibility.

Tomorrow- Friday 26 January school is closed to all students. Teaching staff will provide suitable school work via Google classrooms. The teacher will be available in the hour of each lesson to answer any questions your children may have about the work, via email. We have checked that all students are allocated to the correct google Classrooms and have a working school email account. Any issues with accessing google- please direct to Mark Ashcroft at mark.ashcroft@wensleydaleschool.net. If your child needs to email a member of staff, google will automatically recognise the correct email address, if you type in the member’s staff surname. The lessons will not be Live video type lessons, but work will be set and accessible.

The Senior Leadership Team will be in school tomorrow, supervising the drain work and ensuring that everything is ready for Monday.

As ever if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you again for your support
Kind regards
Julia Polley